My Story.

Hello there!

Welcome to Tom's Art Studio. My journey as an artist began in 2018 when I decided to pick up a pencil and draw a portrait of my daughter. I had been diagnosed with some debilitating health conditions and I found solace in painting and drawing. It helped with my mental health as I found that I could forget about the outside world when I was absorbed in painting.

I quickly found that I was pretty good at it, and before long, I was creating portraits for friends and family. I started with graphite (black & white) pencil drawing and progressed to coloured oil pencils. I have also used watercolour, pastel and oil paint, but I find that I prefer oil pencils as they can give me the level of detail I crave.

I love producing photo-realistic work, which is highly detailed but in an artistic style. My favourite part of any portrait is the eyes – I love drawing eyes! Every person who has commissioned me has commented that I have really captured the soul of their pet. This attention to detail is important to me, as I want the portrait to be more than just a copy of a photo. It must capture the essence and personality of that pet (or person!)

I’m also a website designer, working for my wife’s company, Queen Bee & Co, and designed this website that you are viewing now!

In the future, I am going to be exhibiting more, and producing generic works that can be purchased online and at exhibitions, so watch this space!

Tom Simmonds


  • Graphite (Black & White) Pencil     A5      £80
  • Graphite (Black & White) Pencil     A4      £120
  • Coloured Oil Pencil                              A5      £190
  • Coloured Oil Pencil                              A4      £270
  • Coloured Oil Pencil                              A3      £450    (suitable for double portrait)

These prices are for one subject on a white background. If you would like a background included too, this can be arranged for an additional cost before work has commenced. All artwork includes a mount. Frames and framing of the artwork is not included in the above price. We can happily arrange this for you at an additional cost upon request.